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Dream 9

Dance for the Sky

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Dream overview

SLASH ARTS GALLERY HOUSEBOAT celebrates 25 years of artworks by Nadir Tharani, accomplished architect, artist and writer from Tanzania, together with original music and performances organised and curated by Chuntian Hu for the IWA 2023 Canalway Cavalcade, a vibrant 3 day canal festival in the heart of London’s waterways at Little Venice. (@canal-dream)

Nadir’s exhibition reviews his artistic journey from his 'Origins and Horizons' series , a "visual demarcation that entices us to dream of the future", to his 'Positions of Power' series representing the alignment of the human body imposed by those who exert power, up to his more recent joyous and buoyant expressions of hope for the future.

During the 3 days of the festival, Nadir's exhibition will continue inside the boat. At the same time, a range of performances and music will be organised on the roof of the boat. Young performing artists Yuwei Jing and Xixi Xiao, will compose and perform pieces in response to Nadir's artworks. (@yuwei.j0405 @xixixiao1111) Music by Samuel Batstone (@samuelbatstone), Gulliver Allwood (@gulliversax), and friends.

In the Pageant on Saturday afternoon and in the Illuminated Boat Procession on Sunday evening, we will present a moving site-specific performance of 'Ship of Fools', directed by Minghao Hou. We will be presenting live performances by 3-4 artist groups every day. And Anthony Zboralski will provide technical support for the event.

THE VENUE: For this occasion Slash Arts Gallery Houseboat will be moored on Delamere Terrace (near Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge, Little Venice, London W2 6ND) at the heart of the Canalway Cavalcade.

Dream Time

28 April - 1 May 2023


Dream Location

Little Venice, London

(Regent’s Canal)

Organised by

Slash Arts

Canal Dream CIC

Our impact

Runner up for the best illuminated boat


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