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Canal Dream CIC

Community Interest Company

To create positive social impact through cross-sector collaboration​

Dream Story

Canal Dream Community Interest Company (CIC), a canal-based not-for-profit arts and cultural organisation founded and led by Chuntian Hu, based in King's Cross on the Regent’s Canal.


We use the UK's waterways network as the pathway and boats as the stage for multi-arts events. Through connecting the emerging creative community to the old canal system, to create opportunities for creative practice, community well-being, canal regeneration. 


Since 2022, we have worked with the canal community and the creative community to deliver 11 events, including Canal Dream Art Festival, which aims to be an annual multi-arts festival on the canal; and Canal Dream X 300 Migratory Birds, a water-based Artists Exchange programme between the UK and China...Canal Dream CIC has created an energised community to cultivate greater civil engagement and social integration to the history and development along the London Canals.


Currently, Canal Dream CIC with partners Slash Arts, Word on the Water, and others, will launch the Canal Dream Hub, an innovation and collaboration platform with a vision to animate the canals, an industrial asset of the past, into a creative wellbeing spaces for the future. 

Dream Mission

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 21.28.42.png
Dream Maker

To provide opportunities for emerging creatives to create and connect.


To give comfort to people, 
vitality to communities, 
and care to the city.

Dream Asset

To transform the canal, a dormant industrial asset of the past, into a vibrant creative and cultural space of the future.

Dream Vision

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 00.05.34.png
Animating old canals with emerging art.
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